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Friendly, enthusiastic & professional web workers, here to make the web work for you

Talented, dedicated & passionate web workers. One collaborative mission - To create unique digital experiences that people love and remember.

Our Story.

We are SCK....We are the web workers.

8 years ago, the SCK baby was born. Since those early days, the company has grown in to one of the most respected and valued digital agencies, not only in Cumbria and the South Lakes, but also in the north west of England. 200+ websites later, the team are hand picked, exceptionally talented and enthusiastic individuals all of whom are masters of their respective disciplines. This experience and growth means SCK can provide its clients with a full service digital agency offering - so whatever you want online, come and talk to us.

Meet the team

Continuous Development

SCK love everything digital. After all, it’s what we do and it’s what we know. Today, life is almost unthinkable without the power of the internet and in this ever changing environment you have to keep on top.

SCK prides itself with being at the forefront of technology and innovation so when it comes down to it, we can give you the best solutions.

Your Project, Our Experience

SCK believe that getting to know you, your business and your brand is one of the most important elements of any project.

We know how to make brilliant digital experiences and we achieve this via a robust requirement capture procedure. By understanding your business we can tailor make amazing websites that are exactly what you need. We don’t stop there though. In this day and age things change and you need to move with the times, our broad skill base means we have the ability to keep you on track.


SCK web works

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Custom Working

Bespoke solutions; we fit our workings to you, not you to our workings. Back when we started in 2007 we quickly identified that not one of the existing CMS systems (Content Management System) on the market did what we required.

Whereas some other companies (yeah, them guys!) will try and fit you into the existing CMS templates already created, we believe that every site is special. We have created & developed our own SCK-Editor CMS which we build around what you need. This ensures you get the exact features and functionality you require, not someone else required.


“my new site doesn’t work on my new phone, already?”
‘Blink and you’ll miss it’ is a great way to explain the speed the web, digital & design worlds are moving forward. With the plethora of new ways to view, use & interact with the web its easy for your site to fall behind the times far too soon, with you getting left behind.

Unlike many of our competitors we design all of our sites for now, every site we produce works across a range of devices & screen sizes so your audience isn’t limited by who has bought the right device.