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02/02/15 By Adam Hewartson

Enhanced eCommerce

By Adam Hewartson, Front End Web Developer at SCK Web Works

With the release of 'universal analytics' came the new enhanced ecommerce capabilities. The amount of information you can gain from this is fantastic and should definitely be taken advantage of.

You can keep track of how products perform throughout your site

For example on a category page you can see how often certain products get clicked, making it clearer which products could use some improvement, maybe a change of text or a better image would help. No complicated events system or reporting necessary it is now built into Google's own interface

From there you can track how many times a product has been viewed and if it is then added to the basket or not, again, if not being added often then perhaps some changes to that products details or presentation could mean better results.


It can track the customers through the checkout process as well so if you have a problem in your checkout, perhaps people are getting stuck or don't understand part of a page, now you can see where they are leaving the site and know which page needs improvement.

All this information can all be presented so easily, for example using a graph like the example below, analytics generates this for you, this is only an example and you can name the checkout stages whatever is relevant to your system so it becomes even clearer for presentations.

Enhanced E-Commerce Checkout Graph

Presenting to boards and directors has never been easier. Making life easier for you and meaning you have all the information you need to improve your sites ability to keep people on the site and keep them coming back for more.