The importance of Good Content - First impressions last

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19/06/15 By Dave Ferguson

The importance of good content

First Impressions last

Relevant, quality content is imperative towards the success of a website. To be able to have a good or great search engine ranking, for example on Google and to retain visitors once you have them on your site, your website content needs to be of the highest quality possible. The design of a website is of course important, but the level of content quality needs to be high and to continue to be so. Without a clear and effective message, you will undoubtedly lose visitors and your ranking and therefore your business will suffer.


Envisage that you have landed on a homepage of someone’s website by accident. Do you instantly know what the website is about? Do you know what the service or products they are offering are? More importantly, if you land on your own homepage, is this something you can see? What are the next steps - can you find your way to the item or service that you want..... these are all questions you should be asking.

55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your website homepage, and you need to connect with them within this time. On that basis you must ensure you can answer a specific set of criteria in order to retain their interest and ensure they delve further into your site.

of visitors spend less than
15 seconds

on your website homepage

Don’t over elaborate - keep it clear, concise and to the point.  
Shorten passages of text - no one wants to read an essay.  
Don’t repeat yourself.  
Seperate it out - paragraph sections, keep them relevant to the title or subtitle.  
Don’t let Google penalise you - Keep the site active and update content regularly  

Algorithms, Titles & Meta Data

Search engines scour your pages for keywords and determine what your page or website is all about. Ensure you understand what keywords your customers or clients will be searching with and include them within your content to make sure you have a higher search ranking. Don’t use the same keyword too many times though, as Google will punish you in your ranking for it.

You may have read our previous blog regarding algorithms. Algorithms are important because they analyse the entire content of a page, Titles and Meta Data are used by Google to rate your website highly and this was the quickest and easiest way to process pages on your website. With developments in technology and search engines however, Algorithm’s cover your entire site content and ranking is done accordingly. Taking all this into consideration, your entire page or pages have to be spot-on content wise to maximise search engine ranking, across all the relevant devices - so ensure your content is right and make sure your site is optimised for Desktop, Mobile & Tablet.

CTA’s or ‘Call to Action’s’ Pointer

Ok, so your content is relevant, clear, concise and readable. The jargon has dissapeared and you know it is current, on the ball, to the point. What do you do next? Well, what do you want the user to do? You need to direct them to where you want them to go. This is done by CTA’s or call to Actions - buttons or links - but they need to be obvious and clear and to the point too.

The important aspect of a CTA is to get the user to where they need to be and where you need them to be quickly. Make sure the amount of clicks is reduced to no more than 2 - 3 at a push.

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