The importance of great imagery - A picture is worth a thousand words

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02/04/15 By Dave Ferguson

The importance of great imagery

A picture is worth a thousand words

Many businesses neglect the use of good quality images for their brand, products, services and website. A lack of investment in the hire of a good photographer and/or the purchase of appropriate and on-brand imagery from stock photography sites can be detrimental to the success of all your visual communication and that includes your website. Representing your offering through imagery has never been so important and in many circumstances, you simply cannot get the right message across via stock imagery or unprofessionally taken photographs. Invest in a professional photographer, with the right strategy and you can reap the rewards. Here in this blog, we’ll look at why image is so important.

Tell me, I forget. Show me, I Remember....

Imagery has and always will be a great way of engaging with your audience. Images are messages, experiences, illustrations, memories, stories - they are thought provoking and informative, they carry moods, they produce emotions and they influence the viewer in more ways that you can imagine.

In this day and age with cameras in all smartphones and image based applications and websites such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest thriving, the way images are taken, manipulated, published and shared has enabled the world to tell stories and share moments through images alone. In return, people are gaining a better understanding of imagery and the meanings that they convey. We are now very much in an image dominated world.

There’s an old Chinese proverb which says “Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember.......” and in this sentence, the importance images play in our lives and in the way we communicate is solidly explained. An image is truly worth a thousand words.

Many websites do not take advantage of the use of images, they over elaborate on text to explain eveything they want to throw at you. People do not (still!) appreciate the value image brings to everybody’s life, let alone a website. Sites without good imagery tend to be the ones that suffer. No one wants to read an essay unless that is the meaning of the website. Users want to be enticed, informed, play around, be confident using and to leave knowing the experience has been memorable and that can only be fruitful for your business, product or service. High quality images used in the right way can make the difference between a purchase or page leave. Retain a users focus - give them a positive experience. With the explosion of SEO, Companies can spend a small fortune getting visitors to their site, it is well worth doing all you can to keep the users there.

At SCK we build websites to be experiences. People no longer want to browse a website - they want to experience it, to feel it, to get an emotional connection for the brand, the lifestyle, the product. People want to engage with a website. Apple is a perfect example of desire; emotive, lifestyle image use with their stunning product shots. Browse their site and you’ll see the quality of the image and they way they fall in to place and are positioned. It enhances an already great set of products. You fall in love with the brand, you fall in love with the product. To that end, images not only add an experience, a lifestyle or a love - they help greatly to better conversion rates. It isn’t just the product, it’s the way they are visually represented to entice the customer in to a purchase.

As a general rule, people who are in a certain mood or feel a certain emotion will act responsively. People buy for emotional reasons. If you make them feel the right way, they’ll respond. Emotions are powerful and you can influence them through the images you choose to have on your website. Positive imagery will bring out positive emotions. Emotions work. Think long and hard about the imagery you put on your website. Talk to SCK about how these images can be displayed, how they can move, how they can interact, how they can become part of an overall experience. They could be static and powerful, parallax or moving, composed or original, tilted or scrollable - the opportunities are endless, its how you choose and display them that counts.

For more information on how you can better your visual representation within all your published media, contact SCK Web Works today.