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25/03/15 By Dave Ferguson

Google's new
'Mobile Optimisation' algorithm


Took effect from April 21st 2015


From April 21st, Google launched its 'Mobile Friendly' algorithm into its search result factoring. This expanded their use of sites being 'Mobile Friendly' to affect where they are ranked in related searches, initially this was for mobile devices, however this is widely expected to roll out to desktop searches in coming months. Obviously the workings of this are complex and Google are doing all they can to keep the exact hit/benefit on rankings a secret, but it is widely understood that unprepared sites are taking a minimum 15% hit in the rankings.

Google Search Results with Mobile Friendly

Why is this important?

The use of mobile & tablet devices is becoming more and more vital to a site's success, with many of our client sites reporting that it covers over 40% of their site views. Google ranking levels are big business, with many firms existing just to provide the service of moving their clients up the rankings.

Recent studies have also highlighted that 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble with and 40% of surveyed users saying they would visit a competitors mobile site instead.

SCK screenMarrime Bridal Wear screenExplore South Lakeland screen


Of total site views are now
via mobile devices


Users unlikely to return to
non-optimised sites


Users would visit optimised
competitor site instead

How has this affected me?

The best thing to do is to check your site's performance through Google's fantastic free 'Webmaster Tools'. This, along with its Analytics tools can give you up to date information on how your site is seen and used. You may need to get your website Developers to add their code to your site, (something SCK Web Works Ltd do as standard) to gather some information.

Through the Webmaster Tools you can get an impression of how Google sees your site
Google Mobile Friendly Page Tester This should let you know quickly how suitable your site is for Mobile.

Tablet showing SCK mobile page

The key elements of your site are:

  • Having Readable & useable primary content
  • Enabling that Left/Right swiping & is zooming not needed.
  • Reducing your Flash usage, often not available on many mobile devices.
  • Having a fixed width viewport with content sized to accommodate.
  • Having a good font size, enabling visibility on smaller screens.
  • Making sure your Touch elements are not too close.

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