Getting Started in the SCK Editor

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Getting Started

How to Access the Editor


Go to the homepage of your site.

An example browser window

After the URL add '/editor', press enter and you will be taken to the log-in page.

An example browser window

You will now be asked for your log-in details. Enter the relevant email address and password (you should already have these details) into the two fields.

You also have the option to stay logged in. If you click this checkbox, when you leave the editor without logging out, next time you return you should not need to log in again. Do not tick this if you are using a shared computer, as other users could be able to edit your site.

Click 'Login' and if the details entered are correct you will be taken to the homepage of the editor.

If the wrong details have been entered a message will display above the fields to alert you to this.

Sorry, wrong user ID / password, please try again

You can now try entering the details again. If you do not know your log-in details please contact us.

Editor Login Screen

How to Use the Editor


Once you have logged in you will see the homepage. In the main area of this page there are links to several different areas of the editor and to the left is the main navigation. If you are using a mobile device to edit your site the navigation will be hidden in a bar towards the top of the page with the text 'Show Website Navigation', click this to open the navigation and click it again to close it.

Editor side menu

Using the navigation you can edit different areas of your site. For more detailed information on using specific sections of the editor view our other SCK Editor help pages.


Once you have finished making changes to your site click the Logout link at the bottom of the navigation, or in the top right corner.

Log out
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