Editing Includes

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Editing Includes

What are includes?

Includes are used to store content which isn't part of the main content area of a page. They are often used for content which appears on multiple pages in a site, such as the navigation. They can also be used to allow you to adjust areas of text on dynamic pages, where the main content isn't editable.

How to Edit an Include


Once you have logged into the editor click 'Edit Includes' from the menu on the left.

Edit Includes

You will now see a list of folders containing includes and any includes stored in the root. Most of the includes you will need are stored in the root, these files are visible further down the page, beneath the folders. Either click the name of the include you wish to edit or click the Edit button on the right.

If you are struggling to find the correct include, on some newer sites the page preview tool will allow you to more easily find the file you need. To use this click 'Edit Pages' from the menu on the left. Locate the page containing the content you wish to edit and click the corresponding 'Preview' button on the right. You will now see a preview of the page with boxes surrounding various sections, click the edit button on the section you wish to edit. If you cannot see boxes surrounding different sections of the page your site's preview tool doesn't include this feature.

Navigation Include

You will now see an area holding the content of the include, at the top of this area are various editing tools click here for more information on what these do.

Edit Content

Once you have finished making changes click the 'Save this Page' button in the bottom right.

Save this Page

Although you have saved the changes they will not display on the site until you rebuild it. To do this go back to 'Edit Includes', either by clicking it from the menu on the left or by clicking the Back button in the bottom left.

Edit Includes Back

Click 'Apply Changes to Includes' at the top of the page. If your editor doesn't have this link your site doesn't need to be rebuilt for changes to includes to appear.

The changes should now display on your site (you will need to refresh the page to view the changes).

Apply Changes to Includes
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